Ladibugs is the top-rated head lice removal company in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area that offers a medical approach to removing head lice by using an FDA cleared medical device. The AirAllé is a medical device that kills head lice, without using pesticides or other chemicals, in one 30-minute treatment. Clinical studies have shown that the device – which uses only heated air – kills all stages of head lice, including lice eggs.

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Every AirAllé operator receives specialized training and passes a competency exam before he or she can be certified to deliver treatments.

  • Safe: Unlike chemically-based products, the AirAllé device uses only controlled, heated air. This makes it very safe – even when used to treat people with asthma and those who have previously experienced side effects from other head lice treatment products.
  • Fast: One, single 30-minute AirAllé treatment is all that is needed to kill head lice and eggs. It can be performed on site, at the moment when the infestation is discovered. The AirAllé treatment can minimize or even eliminate school absences since a child can return to school right after the treatment. However, please check your school‘s policy.
  • Reimbursable: The AirAllé is reimbursable under FSA/HSA.

Our services include a complete AirAllé treatment followed by a thorough comb-out to remove debris. Please visit our lice removal center.

Want to learn more? See the AirAllé website or read the AirAllé article from the Journal of Medical Entomology.

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