Guaranteed Head Lice Removal: $229

No Hidden Fees

For this price, our lice removal services in Minnesota include:

  • Certified, professional, experienced, knowledgeable technicians.
  • Head checks for your entire family.
  • Cleaning and prevention education.
  • 24/7 on call head lice expert.
  • Thorough comb out of all debris.
    No home combing required! No nits left behind!
  • Free follow-up appointment (must be done 7-10 days after treatment to receive guarantee).
  • 30 day guarantee.
  • Same cost regardless of hair length, thickness or severity of infestation.
    No hidden charges!
  • Reimbursed by Flexible Spend and Health Savings Accounts.
  • Guaranteed same day appointment.
  • By appointment only in order to assure confidentiality.
  • Nit combs never get used twice. Take the comb home with you.

Medical Approach

Ladibugs, Inc. takes a medical approach to lice treatment. Our AirAllé is an FDA cleared medical device that has been studied and published in the Journal of Pediatrics.

Lousbuster lice treatment

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Pesticide-Free Lice Treatment and Prevention

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