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One 30 Minute Treatment – Guaranteed!

  • Head-check screenings
  • Kills lice and eggs/nits
  • We treat children and adults
  • As soon as same day appointments
  • No sitting for hours with strand by strand picking
  • HSA & FSA payment eligible on most accounts

Our success rate is 100% using the
new ZYMA AIR THERAPY™ process.

Get rid of lice today. Ladibugs professional technicians are available at our convenient Hopkins Clinic location.

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Ladibugs logo Nit Picking / Combing Clinics
Time 30 minutes! (per head) 2 - 4 hours (per head)
Outcome Process is 100% guaranteed If one egg is missed, lice infestation will continue
Method Device combined with natural product Strand by strand picking thru hair
Cost One set price - no additional fees Hourly rate plus additional fees

Over 60,000 patients seen and successfully treated in 10 years of operation.

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Ladibugs Lice Treatment Center | Lice Treatment Clinic

Ladibugs is a reputable, trusted head lice removal clinic catering to clients in the Twin Cities along with Eden Prairie, Edina, Maple Grove, Minnetonka, and Wayzata for many years. Children and teens are more susceptible to these irritating critters, but anyone can be affected considering how easily they spread. Whether you have a child with an infestation or several members of your family have lice, we can help.

We provide lice treatment that is effective, fast, and free of potentially harmful chemicals and pesticides. Our head lice removal salon employs highly trained technicians who are dedicated to the results you expect and deserve. Whether using our innovative Cooled-air device or natural products, you enjoy peace of mind knowing those critters are gone for good!

Children and teens are naturally more susceptible to become victims of a lice infestation because of the crowded environments they are often found in. From classrooms, cafeterias, and gyms to summer camps, youngsters often cluster in groups which gives those pesky bugs an opportunity to spread. Even when you only notice a bug or two, they multiply super fast and you soon have a serious problem. You can rely on our lice treatment clinic to eradicate every single louse and nit (egg) once and for all so your family’s routine can return to normal.

Why visit our head lice treatment salon? Most parents who have been through this before and tried to resolve the problem on their own know it is messy, time consuming, and all too often doesn’t deliver results. Products available on store shelves typically contain pesticides or potentially dangerous chemicals, and you may have to repeat the procedure numerous times. Why go through all that when you can be done in 30 minutes with our professional head lice treatment?

We understand your frustration and know you want your child to feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Our lice removal salon provides a relaxed, friendly environment so that you can feel good about the short process and get in, out, and on your way!

Ladibugs also offers products for home use including elimination and prevention kits, along with shampoo and conditioner. No matter which way you go, our lice removal clinic has you covered. If you are in the Twin Cities or nearby areas. we invite you to learn more by calling 612.804.8888. Say bye-bye to those bugs!

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Call us for help at any time at 855.804.8889.
Quality Ingredients
Vegan, renewable, biodegradable. 96% natural.
Guaranteed Service
Our lice treatment services are guaranteed 100% guaranteed.

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lice treatment
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Prevent and Eliminate Lice!

Use Ladibugs lice prevention and lice elimination products and you will feel confident knowing those bugs are gone, while hair is protected from damage thanks to our natural lice treatment.

Our products have become top sellers in retailers across the country. This is a one-time process that completely eliminates head lice in a single sitting and does not require water, chemicals, or shampoo.

Simple and effective!

Ladibugs Lice Clinic serves the entire Twin Cities area of Minnesota, Edina, Minnetonka, Wayzata, Eden Prairie and Maple Grove. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Please view our featured article in Star Tribune about our NEW Zyma Air Therapy™ cold air process here.

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