MN Head Lice School Policies


When it is known that head lice are present in a community, parents are encouraged to check their children’s heads for lice on a regular basis throughout the year. Families should not depend on someone else to check a child’s head–this may delay treatment. Remember, if one person in a family, camp or school has head lice, there’s a chance others will too. Check everyone, and use the same treatment if necessary.

The Minnesota Department of Health makes the following recommendations to schools concerning head lice:

  • School districts should make their own policies on whether or not to do “head checks” at school. Parents should not rely on school staff to check for lice but should do this at home, whether or not the children are checked at school.
  • Infested children do not need to be dismissed from school.
  • When a case of head lice is found, notices should be sent home to inform parents and advise them to check for lice in their children’s hair.

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We are all about educating about head lice. You may have seen us recently on WCCOKSTPKARE 11 or FOX 9. We are the experts the media turns to, to give tips to parents about controlling lice. In our business we have treated children, parents and school staff. We found from talking with people that even the school staff themselves don’t know the rules on when a child should be kept out of school, when they should go back etc.