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Ladibugs, Inc
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 22 reviews
by Heather on Ladibugs, Inc
Awesome Service!

Thanks for getting us in so quickly!

by KR on Ladibugs, Inc
Great Service

Christina was very helpful when my daughter got head lice. She gave us lots of good information on how to reduce the reoccurance of head lice and was able to treat my daughter's hair the same day; not like other places I have been. Thank you. I would highly recommend Christina.

by Colleen Flagg on Ladibugs, Inc

After fighting to get rid of lice for months, WE ARE LICE FREE!! My 11 year old contracted ice from a friend months ago and after trying EVERY lice treatment Walgreen's offers and a prescription, they were still there. A hair stylist recommended that I go to Great Clips and get Ladibugs. The other night, I couldn't take it anymore. I gave my daughter the elimination treatment and by the next day, she was LICE FREE!!! Her hair was left soft, no tangles and most of all, there was no smell. She is sleeping better because she is no longer scratching all night. THANK GOD FOR LADIBUGS!!!!

by Matt Jorgenson on Ladibugs, Inc
Satisfied client

Great job we had two of our children treated and were able to have the issue resolved promptly!! Much better than us spending 4-6 hours per head and then needing to repeat in the followings.

Just call me Extra Time now

by Mikey on Ladibugs, Inc

When we walked into Ladibugs, we thought we had one daughter with head lice. It turns out all six in our immediate family had it--and grandma too! The friendly Ladibugs staff calmed us down, treated us, and educated us on home-cleaning. Thank you so much for taking good care of us all! I recommend them to anyone who needs to take care of lice!

by Lindsey on Ladibugs, Inc

Our family had lice earlier this year. I called someone right away and went in to get checked the next morning. She was so helpful and helped me make a plan for when we got home to treat everyone and take care of the house. The Ladibugs products are great and were easy to use. The products work great and got rid of the lice and all the nits. Thank you!

by Jennifer on Ladibugs, Inc

I am a licensed cosmetologist. I have heard and tried everything after a few cases over the years with my four children. I made the investment and bought this product after I searched the internet and couldn't find one bad review for it. One treatment and the comb was completely clean after a few passes. I have never written a review before, but felt compelled to share this with other parents. Great product, thank you so much!!

by micheall gass on Ladibugs, Inc

Our family has been using this product since November of 2014 I would never think of using anything else....I have used both the elimination and prevention and it both really work....

by LMkB on Ladibugs, Inc
Love Ladibugs!

We had a great experience with Ladibugs. The minute we found a nit we called and talked to someone at 10 p.m., then got in at 10 a.m. the next morning. Whammo! Lice free! Well worth the money.

by Shawna Fahey on Ladibugs, Inc

I heard about Ladibugs from my daughter's best friend who had contracted lice. A few weeks later I discovered my daughter had lice, and so did I. I immediately called Ladibugs and they got the whole family in for a check and treatment within 2 hours. They were so great with my daughter, and helped me to calm down, as I was extremely anxious about the whole thing. It was such a life saver to know we were treated in one shot, and I didn't have to pick out bugs and nits every night for a week. With all of the cleaning you have to do, I don't know how anybody could ever have the time for both the cleaning and the combing themselves. It is also so nice that they include another comb out 7-10 days later to double check that we were lice free. And, we were! It is definitely worth EVERY PENNY you spend to have the piece of mind that those parasites are gone! I tell everybody to get their number into their phone for whenever it might be needed. Way to go, Ladibugs!!!

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