Zyma Air Therapy

Zyma Air Therapy™

Zyma Air Therapy lice treatment device

Ladibugs is the top-rated head lice removal company in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area that offers an innovative approach to removing head lice by using the Zyma Air Therapy™ process. This process uses a cooled air cutting-edge technology that kills lice and eggs in a single 30 minute treatment.

This is a revolutionary alternative to treating head lice with pesticides or nit-picking. This new technology was developed and researched in Minnesota by trained head lice experts.

Every Ladibugs technician is certified in the Zyma Air Therapy™ process.

FAST: One, single 30-minute treatment is all that is needed to kill head lice and eggs.

EFFECTIVE: This cooled air process immediately immobilizes lice and nits in all stages, making them easily removed with 100% guaranteed success.

REIMBURSABLE: The treatment may be reimbursable under FSA/HSA*.
*free follow-up appointment is included with each service

Our service is guaranteed to leave you lice free!

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