Lice? Don’t Panic, Call Us!

Ladibugs’ founders discuss pesticide-free lice treatment, chemical-resistant lice, and more in this interview, Minnesota Nurses Create Natural Lice Prevention Kit.

A Teacher’s Lice Treatment Story

Ladibugs chemical-free lice treatment gave this teacher peace of mind to get back to work! Details about our lice treatment, our gentle, professional customer service, super lice, and more at

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Twin Cities Clinic Focuses on Lice Prevention, Elimination

September is Lice Awareness Month. Lisa and Rachel talk to Brandi Powell about lice prevention, elimination, and checks in this back-to-school time.

Head lice trend: ‘Selfies’ are causing head lice

It doesn’t matter your age, gender or income– head lice can still get you.

Rachel Knutson, from Ladibugs Inc. stopped by KSTP to talk about this new head lice trend: selfies.

As teens join their head to take their photo for Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, among other social media channels, they are capturing more than a photo, they are passing along head lice and causing an increase in head lice cases in Minnesota.

Watch the interview with KSTP’s Eric Kahnert:


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Our First Year Supporting The Toys for Tots Campaign

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This year was Ladibugs first year joining Kare 11’s Toys for Tots campaign. It was very cold outside, but we had a blast. We collected 150 toys to be able to make a child smile this Christmas. Thank you for all of your support!

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Head Lice Prevention Products

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We are known as the head lice experts. It’s the season when kids are bringing notes home from school warning of head lice outbreaks, and many parents want to know what head lice products work.

Kare 11 reached out to Ladibugs, Inc. for us to give advice on what works and what doesn’t.

It is very important to know some myths about head lice:


Lice is the result of poor hygiene.

Reality: One of the oldest beliefs is that head lice prefer “dirty kids.” It’s simply not true. Head lice actually prefer clean hair to dirty hair. What they are attracted to is blood.


Lice are hard to get.

Reality: Head lice do not jump, fly or swim. They are good crawlers however, and easily move from person to person in as little as 30 seconds. This makes young kids particularly susceptible because they are in close contact in schools.


Lice-infested items must be washed in hot water.

Reality: It is not necessary to wash everything that comes in contact with the lice. 30 minutes in the dryer will dehydrate and kill lice. Vacuuming floors and furniture should do the trick, too — no need to disinfect the whole house.


No itch means no lice.

Reality: While the most common symptom is itching of the head and neck, the only sure fire way to diagnose head lice is through thorough head checks. If you know of an outbreak in your child’s school or camp, check your child daily and use preventive products.


There’s a lice epidemic.

Reality: Though there is no evidence of a current head lice epidemic, the bugs have been getting harder to eliminate and have grown increasingly resistant to prescription drugs and over-the-counter remedies.


Home remedies like mayonnaise and petroleum jelly are effective treatments for lice.

Reality: While using chemical-free methods for killing lice is a better alternative, home remedies like these are not proven to do the job. All-natural products made specifically to treat lice are the best option.


Help your Family Prevent Head Lice


Help your family prevent head lice by following some tips we gave our friends at WCCO this morning.


Edward Moody from WCCO, stopped over (along with Dave) to our Hopkins head lice center location to learn a few tips on how to prevent head lice. Christina demonstrated how our FDA cleared medical device works and what to expect during the louse removal process.

Rachel Knutson, Co-founder of Ladibugs, Inc. shared a few tips on how to prevent head lice. Some of these tips include:

Tips on screen

Prevent head lice

September is head lice awareness month and it is more important than ever to understand what head lice is, how to treat it and most importantly how to prevent it.

Remember that Ladibugs does free head checks. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact out hotline 1-855-804-8889.


Heading Back-to-School Head Lice Free

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Head Lice prevention

Heading back-to-school head lice free


Back-to-school is the time of the year where parents need to be aware of head lice.

As kids go back to school, they may be bringing home more in their backpacks than their school books this September. They’re creepy, they’re crawly and they’re much more than an inconvenience. Ask any parent who has ever had to deal with lice and they will tell you they can wreak havoc on the household. But now there is help available for parents to both prevent and deal with the little critters.

September is Lice Awareness month and there are an estimated six to 12 million infestations in the United States each year. Make sure to check your children for head lice.

Ladibugs offers free head lice checks during the month of September in any of the Ladibugs Lice center locations: Hopkins, Woodbury and Rochester.

Check out the tips to head back to School head lice free we gave to our KSTP-TV friends.



Preventing Head Lice this Summer

Lisa Rudquist and Rachel Knutson from Ladibugs Inc joined KARE 11 News at 4 to explain how to prevent head lice this summer.

Here are two tips to stop lice in their tracks-

1. Avoid head-to-head contact during play, sleepovers, or other activities at home, the beach and elsewhere.
2. Don’t share combs, brushes or towels. Do not share clothing such as hats, scarves, coats, hair ribbons or barrettes.

Here are some lice myths-

– Lice is a result of poor hygiene-it’s actually the opposite- lice prefer clean hair to dirty hair.
– Lice are hard to get- head lice do not jump, fly or swim- however they are great crawlers and can move from person to person in little as 30 seconds.
– Lice-infested items must be washed in hot water- it’s not necessary to wash everything, but make sure it is in the dryer for 30 minutes to dehydrate and kill lice.
– No itch means no lice-while the most common sign is itching, many times there is no itching- the only way to be sure is frequent head checks!

Spring Lice Prevention Tips

Spring Lice Prevention Tips

Spring is when head lice start spreading around. With spring  just around the corner we want to make sure we don’t bring an unexpected guest back: head lice. Unfortunately for parents and kids, lice don’t take a spring break. They’re creepy, they’re crawly and they’re much more than an inconvenience. Ask any parent who has ever had to deal with lice and they will tell you they can wreak havoc on the household. But now there is help available for parents to both prevent and deal with the little critters. Watch the below video to obtain some of the spring lice prevention tips Rachel Knutson provided on Fox 9 Morning News.
Watch Fox 9 The Buzz clip: Spring Head Lice Tips