Help your Family Prevent Head Lice


Help your family prevent head lice by following some tips we gave our friends at WCCO this morning.


Edward Moody from WCCO, stopped over (along with Dave) to our Hopkins head lice center location to learn a few tips on how to prevent head lice. Christina demonstrated how our FDA cleared medical device works and what to expect during the louse removal process.

Rachel Knutson, Co-founder of Ladibugs, Inc. shared a few tips on how to prevent head lice. Some of these tips include:

Tips on screen

Prevent head lice

September is head lice awareness month and it is more important than ever to understand what head lice is, how to treat it and most importantly how to prevent it.

Remember that Ladibugs does free head checks. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact out hotline 1-855-804-8889.


Heading Back-to-School Head Lice Free

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Head Lice prevention

Heading back-to-school head lice free


Back-to-school is the time of the year where parents need to be aware of head lice.

As kids go back to school, they may be bringing home more in their backpacks than their school books this September. They’re creepy, they’re crawly and they’re much more than an inconvenience. Ask any parent who has ever had to deal with lice and they will tell you they can wreak havoc on the household. But now there is help available for parents to both prevent and deal with the little critters.

September is Lice Awareness month and there are an estimated six to 12 million infestations in the United States each year. Make sure to check your children for head lice.

Ladibugs offers free head lice checks during the month of September in any of the Ladibugs Lice center locations: Hopkins, Woodbury and Rochester.

Check out the tips to head back to School head lice free we gave to our KSTP-TV friends.



A Mom Blogger Found a Cure to Head Lice

Hearing someone say “Head Lice” makes everyone itch! But we love to prevent and fight head lice and we love even more when we read reviews about our products.

Earlier in February, Rebecca Woolf, author of Girl’s Gone Child, wrote a great review on our head lice preventation Mint Spray.

Girl’s Gone Child is a blog that has been featured in the The New York Times, Time Magazine, Huffington Post, Angeleno and NPR, was recently named Blog of the Year by and was a finalist for Lifetime Achievement in the 2011 Bloggies. 

Below is the post.
Thank you Rebecca for such a great review.



So. Update on the lice front because after dealing with what we spent (two months, ugh) dealing with I wanted to suggest a product that is now our BFF. Because while the Cetaphil worked for Archer and me (and my mom who also got lice. From us. Sorry, mom) it came back TWICE for Fable AKA the Cetaphil was far from preventative which meant GAME OVER for Fable who enjoys sharing headbands and princess crowns and hair clips and hats and wigs and hats and crowns and crowns and crowns with everyone at school.

Enter Ladibugs (chemical free) lice solution, which worked in ONE sitting and whose preventative prowess has kept us lice-free all month. (ED: Nobody paid me to write this. I’m just really grateful for their products during this not-so-fantastic “journey”.) Also, this spray lives by the door so every morning before school I can spritz the kids’ hair and they dig it because it smells like candy canes:


Anyway. Lice has become my thing these past few months (I’m the official lice check mom at both kids’ schools what’s up) and I’m totally thinking of starting a delousing business called Lice, Lice, Baby and I’m not even kidding. In the meantime, for those dealing with the headache that is headlice, THIS IS YOUR BOYFRIEND. Over and out.