Summer is Here and So Are Lice: Preventative Measures and Treatment Options for Head Lice Infestation

Head lice make no plans to take vacations from our heads during the summer months. Rather, spring and summer are perfect times for these opportunist pests to pounce. While kids change social circles–from school to summer activities–head lice look to hitch a ride along! Ladibugs offers chemical free head lice treatment throughout Minneapolis and the Twin… Read more

A Mom Blogger Found a Cure to Head Lice

Hearing someone say “Head Lice” makes everyone itch! But we love to prevent and fight head lice and we love even more when we read reviews about our products. Earlier in February, Rebecca Woolf, author of Girl’s Gone Child, wrote a great review on our head lice preventation Mint Spray. Girl’s Gone Child is a blog… Read more

Some experts say head lice are no big deal

WCVB- Boston Channel   BOSTON —If you’ve ever had a child in school, you’ve heard about head lice. Maybe someone in your family has had a case of those pesky creatures. But one expert says lice infestation is no big deal. And students shouldn’t miss even one day of school because of it. Noreen Cavanaugh… Read more