Call for relief.

You have plenty of things to worry about as a parent. Head lice shouldn’t be one of them. Let us take care of your kid’s lice problem in a single, professional treatment. Ladibugs in the Twin Cities, Minnesota offers head-lice treatments that take 1-2 hours and are guaranteed for 30 days. You can relax now.

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Kill the eggs now, or else

Many over-the-counter products will kill adult lice with repeated treatments. But they don’t solve the real problem – the eggs (commonly known as nits). A single female louse can lay up to 88 eggs on your head. Savvy parents know that if you don’t kill all the eggs, you’ll have a few days of relief but the eggs will hatch, grow and you are back to treating the problem.

The professional, effective solution

We use the AirAllé™ system. This is an FDA-cleared medical device that kills head lice through dehydration and is over 99 percent effective at killing lice eggs in a single treatment. The solution is easy.

Just set up an appointment, bring your child or children to one of our kid-friendly centers, and we’ll take care of everything in one quick, professional session. Phew.

You can rest easy now. We’ll take it from here. One treatment, results guaranteed.

Get rid of head lice

Safe, Fast, Effective Lice Treatment

  • Single FDA-cleared Heat Treatment
  • Kills Head Lice AND Lice Nits (Eggs)
  • 100% Pesticide Free
  • Kid-friendly
  • 30-day Guarantee


We offer lice removal services in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Ask for the AirAllé™ special and get $20 off your treatment!

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