Let us do the work

Worried that you won’t get every last bug off your child’s head? We can do the work for you!

If you live in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, consider visiting the Ladibugs professionals at our convenient Hopkins location.

Our Ladibugs Process includes a 30 minute treatment using a controlled air device followed by a 30 minute comb out to remove debris.

Here you’ll get personalized, fast treatment and removal of lice in a non-intimidating atmosphere.

  • Comfortable treatment area, inviting and accommodating for children, including TV, free Wi-Fi, and children’s activities.
  • Education provided to all members of the family on prevention and elimination.
  • Tips and tricks for cleaning the home environment.
  • On-site dryer to kill bugs on clothing items.
  • Vacuums available on site to clean out cars.
  • If you ever find something in the hair you are unsure about, take a picture and text it to 612.804.8888 or email it to info@ladibugsinc.com.

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