Duluth schools revise head lice notification policy


Duluth, MN ( – The Duluth School Board tackled a problem head-on Monday night surrounding the district policy for head lice.

The change comes after concerned parents wanted more transparency from the district regarding how many cases of head lice are reported in a classroom.

Prior to Monday’s meeting, the policy required the district to notify parents of head lice when at least three cases of head lice were reported in a classroom.

Last week, parents formally requested the district reduce that number from three to one, a decision the school board approved tonight at its regular scheduled meeting.

Parents say they are pleased with the board’s proactive position on the health of Duluth students.

“Lice are becoming more resistant to drugs, the chemical treatments. There are more kids in schools nowadays, the problem has become a bigger problem. Not only that, but lice tends to run in cycles and right now we are having a higher cycle of head lice and it’s just really important that the school would ramp up their information and education,” said parent Stacey Dimberio.

“Think about checking their kids once a week, especially during the winter months and things like that to just make sure their kids are healthy and the classroom is happy,” said Tom Kasper, Duluth School Board.

According to the CDC, head lice are most commonly spread through direct head to head contact. Head lice can also be spread through sharing of clothing including hats other clothing and by sharing pillows.

An estimated six to 12 million head lice infestations occur each year in the United States among children three to 11 years old.

The new head lice policy will go into effect beginning on Wednesday at all Duluth schools.

Jeremy Brickley