Turning 40 ~ In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Two weeks ago I was spending a fabulous 40th birthday weekend in Madison. This age change has had me thinking a lot about health & what I need to do to be around for another 40 years. I had my OB appointment all lined up for the Monday after my birthday. I finished up with my doctor and she said, “Now, go get a Mammogram…Happy Birthday”. I decided to walk over to the Jane Brattain breast clinic for a walk-in appointment so that I could get this mammogram off my check-list.
Monday – First mammogram of my life.

Tuesday – Got a call from the breast clinic saying that they found a mass.

Wednesday – Go back to clinic for 6 more special mammogram pictures, a 1/2 hour ultrasound, and a needle biopsy.

Thursday – Back to clinic for 2 more mammograms, a core biopsy (ouch), an ultrasound, and to have a metal spring injected into the tumor in my breast.

Friday – get a call saying that the tumor does NOT have cancer, BUT…I have a rare tumor that can hide cancer behind it.

TODAY ~ Just two weeks after the first mammogram of my life, I am going to have a radio-active seed injected into my breast, next to the metal spring already there, and then am going to the hospital for a LUMPECTOMY.

I am telling you my story because when the clinic called me to let me know they found a mass I felt kicked in the gut, shocked. I am telling you this because I am Everywoman just like you are. Regardless of the pathology, I am convinced that the mammogram I got for my 40th Birthday may have saved my life.

My Breast Cancer Awareness Story, Be Well….

*for those of who who see my kids during the day…they are unaware of what is going on…I will share it with them eventually.



By Amy

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