Formerly Blind Dad Sees Kids For First Time

Thanks to a groundbreaking new surgery that restored his sight, Steve Williams has for the first time gazed at his own children, reports The Sun.

“It was almost as though they were newborn — and I was meeting them for the first time,” said Williams of his sons, Lewis, 5, and Leighton, 2.

Since childhood, Williams suffered from keratoconus, a rare degenerative eye disease that destroyed his eyesight. By the time his sons were born, Williams was nearly blind in both eyes and he relied on his fiancée Marianne Vickers to describe what the boys looked like.

“It is the little things that means the most,” he said. “Like being able to see that they have freckles.”

But a revolutionary new operation has changed everything for Williams. Using a donor’s eyetissue, surgeons were able to correct his eyesight. Williams now has perfect 20/20 vision with glasses, and enjoys reading to his sons at bedtime.

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By Kimberly