A Customer’s Thank you Note left us Speechless

We have a grateful clients page in our website, but this testimonial left us speechless and thought we should share it on our blog. The below testimonial was sent to us by a grateful mom. Notes like this reinforce Ladibugs mission: to provide our customers with pesticide-free head lice products made with the highest quality.

“Hello…Just last Friday, my 10 year old daughters 4th grade class had a HUGE lice outbreak!! They sent everyone home early to take care of it!!  My Daughter is in a mainstream class but is deaf and with her hearing aids she can hear (and speak) like a “typical” child!! When I was called at home to come pick her up I panicked!! Not because of her and I how she would cope with the treatment but I also have a 13 year old Autistic/Deaf/Non-Verbal son (my husband and I are not deaf but that is a whole different story)!! How could I explain the situation to him?? How was he going to handle his home, his sanctuary, turned upside down with this issue??

  I had seen your product at a Great Clips and headed right over to purchase it. I purchased the Elimination Kit for her (I thought I saw a nit so if you see one, I knew more were around), the Prevention kit for the family (after checking everyone we did not have it) and several bottles of the shampoo and conditioner and spray. It was a costly purchase but I had to do it to make sure these little “buggers” did not stay or come back!!
  I was so nervous using it on my son but turns out he LOVED it!! I was worried that the product might have a ‘mediciney’ smell that he would react to but he was fine!! What he especially loved was the mint smell from the spray!! I followed directions and vacuumed and sprayed everything that couldn’t be laundered or put in the dryer and he really enjoyed the smell, As did my daughter, because she received a lot of compliments when she returned to school!! Everyone is now using it!!
  Thanks Again for making products that have turned a stressful time in our families life to a more positive one!!”