Tis the Season…To Prevent Head Lice

Spring and summer present a time where kids are changing their social circles and that means Head Lice are on the move!
It is a fact, when kids attend camps, sleepovers, sporting events where helmets are used, lice outbreaks occur. So, what does a parent do?
The following tips and tricks for prevent head lice:

  • Use Ladibugs Lice Prevention: Shampoo, conditioner, mint spray, detangler
  • Put long hair back in pony tail, bun, braids.
  • DO NOT share hats, helmets, combs, brushes, hair accessories.
  • Avoid head to head contact if possible… limit group selfies!

Statistically head lice affects an estimated 12-20 million people in the US every year. Once a child has head lice, 85% of their siblings will acquire, 65% of moms and 10% of care givers. As you can see head lice is not only a childhood issue but a family issue. It is always a good idea to do frequent head checks before and after camps to ensure no lice are brought back to the home environment. You will want to look at the first half inch of the hair shaft from the scalp out for tiny tear drop shaped nits/eggs. You will know for sure if the tear drop shaped nit/egg is attached tightly to the hair shaft. It will be unable to be brushed off hair shaft unlike dry scalp or dandruff.

One of the most important pieces of advice is to talk to the parents in your social circles if your child does acquire lice. Let others who have been around your children know. Lice is not something to be embarrassed by as lice likes clean hair and knows no socioeconomic differences. By being upfront and honest with those in your friend circles it will help massive outbreaks and lessen the time and financial commitment to treating these pesky parasites!

For more resources on head lice go to and you will find photos, FAQ’s and where to buy prevention products. The time is now to prevent lice so they don’t wreak havoc on your summer!

Parenting Tips In Today’s Modern Society





Parenting is not an easy job. However, today’s morally corrupt society makes this task a lot harder. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to help your child grow into a happy and well-adjusted adult. Below are some parenting tips that will help you out a lot:

Show Your Children That You Love Them

Children need and want to feel loved by their parents. That is why you should take time to show them that you love them every day. When a child is constantly shown love by his or her parents, that child grows up with a sense of security and confidence. You do not have to spend a lot of money on your children to show them love. Your children will value the time that you spend with them more than they value the things that you purchase for them.

Set a Good Example

There are a lot of bad influences on the television and Internet. Children are also exposed to bad influences when they go to school. It is impossible to protect your children from all of the bad influences in the world. However, one of the things that you can do is set a good example. If your child sees you living a morally decent life, then he or she will naturally want to follow suit.

Set Firm Limits

Discipline is one of the most controversial parenting topics today. Many parents are too permissive while others are too strict. As a parent, you have to learn how to set firm, flexible limits. Children who do not have enough limits may grow up thinking that they can do whatever they want. These children often have to go to a boarding school. On the other hand, children who have overbearing parents may have trouble adjusting to the real world when they get out on their own.

Encourage Your Child

Growing up gets tough sometimes and children may get frustrated. That is why they need encouragement. If your child makes a mistake, then you should encourage them to get back up and try again. This teaches your child to become resilient.

You also need to encourage your child to pursue his or her interests. For example, if your child has an interest in athletics, then you should encourage him or her to try out for a sport. You should encourage your child to take dance lessons if he or she has an interest in music.

Raising children is hard, but fortunately, there are ways to make it easier. Showing your child that you love them, setting limits, encouraging them and setting a good example are some of the keys to great parenting.


Source: Blog by Donna